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The problem is not with benchmark itself...

The problem is not with benchmark itself...

Posted Jul 23, 2009 17:50 UTC (Thu) by khim (subscriber, #9252)
In reply to: A short history of btrfs by kjp
Parent article: A short history of btrfs

Uh, having the cpu loaded will find problems if the FS code itself is too cpu hoggy....

The problem is not with low-level CPU bound benchmark but with average taken from many different benchmarks without a case or thought. In the end you are getting average temperature of hospice patients: some are having high fever, some are in morgue already, so in the end average temperature is useless.

If you plan to mix a lot of different benchmarks you must be ready to carefully study the results, separate expected results from unexpected ones, cluster them in groups (by relevance to this or that real-word task), etc. Ortherwise it's just pointless race where winner is more-or-less random.

And it's also pointless to try to fix the situation by adding more benchmarks to the mix: when you mix a lot of differend kinds of food - you are getting pile of garbage as a result and if you'll add some more dishes - you'll just get a bigger pile of garbage.

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