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The many faces of fsck

The many faces of fsck

Posted Jul 22, 2009 15:28 UTC (Wed) by rhkramer (guest, #15212)
Parent article: The many faces of fsck

Echoing others, this is a great article--thanks! (I say that even though
I haven't read the entire article yet.)

Nevertheless, I do want to make one comment (somebody can correct me if I
really am wrong):

For a long time it's been my understanding that certain "fixes" by fsck
(and similar fixes in the Windows world, like in chkdsk or whatever "they"
call it) result in the deletion of data.

I think that is alluded to in the somewhat cryptic statement: "Repair here
means, as it does in the rest of the article, returning the file system to
a usable consistent state, rather than to some platonic ideal of what the
file system would have been without the corruption."

I personally feel that it would be much better to be less cryptic, even
for (and maybe especially so for) Linux newbies.

(I do recognize that some of the events that prompt the use of fsck (like
an improper shutdown (possibly due to a power loss event), can cause data
loss regardless of what happens during a(n) fsck.)

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