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Rootless X

Rootless X

Posted Jul 16, 2009 10:07 UTC (Thu) by jsatchell (guest, #6236)
Parent article: Rootless X

As I understand it (and I could easily be wrong), OpenBSD has had a split server design for a long time - a small part that runs as root, which does the scary hardware stuff, and the relatively large protocol implementation running unpriveledged.

Does anybody know why this could not have been adopted, without any need for new kernel code?

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Rootless X

Posted Jul 16, 2009 14:28 UTC (Thu) by arjan (subscriber, #36785) [Link]

the kernel code you're talking about really is rightfully kernel code; it does the device resource management and other very basic "talk to the hardware" bits. If that's not the task of a kernel device driver... then what is ? ... :-)

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