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Perfcounters added to the mainline

Perfcounters added to the mainline

Posted Jul 2, 2009 20:01 UTC (Thu) by ejr (subscriber, #51652)
In reply to: Perfcounters added to the mainline by deater
Parent article: Perfcounters added to the mainline

Not only is he re-inventing the wheel, he's forcing users to add yet another perfctr-alike support layer. PAPI has been around a long time and has many users, but the package and its users keep being declared not to exist. Bizarre. Many performance counter tools are one-shots meant to work for a particular application or stack. That's one reason why we (users) don't have a "flagship application" to wave in front of other developers. We want a flexible way to dig at the hardware without waiting for kernel developer X to decide a particular counter is worth-while. Let us deal with things in user space.

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Perfcounters added to the mainline

Posted Jul 2, 2009 21:53 UTC (Thu) by deater (subscriber, #11746) [Link]

there is hope that soon PAPI and pfmon (the perfmon2 tool) will be ported to perfcounters, so assuming the features they need are available, things might work out in the end once things stabilize for a few months/years.

It will be nice that _finally_ performance counters will be available under Linux without having to patch the kernel. It's just a shame that it happened the way it did.

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