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Apache attacked by a "slow loris"

Apache attacked by a "slow loris"

Posted Jun 24, 2009 16:31 UTC (Wed) by smurf (subscriber, #17840)
In reply to: Apache attacked by a "slow loris" by michaeljt
Parent article: Apache attacked by a "slow loris"

64bit machines also have a limited amount of memory. It's not just the thread stack size; Apache carries a whole lot of memory per conection. It's much worse when each connection is handled by a Perl/Python/PHP thread.

Apache is generally configured so that the maximum number of _real_ work threads (i.e. including all that state) doesn't cause the system to swap excessively. A slowloris connection eats much fewer resources than that, but Apache doesn't know that and thus reaches the configuration's limit far too quickly.

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Apache attacked by a "slow loris"

Posted Jun 24, 2009 17:03 UTC (Wed) by mcmanus (subscriber, #4569) [Link]

Fair enough.

But it does seem to me that if what Apache is trying to prevent is memory exhaustion, then it should be doing admission control based on memory allocated instead of using max clients as a poor stand-in. Especially as the two don't correlate well at all even in normal (i.e. non DoS) situations.

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