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Easy: OSS emulation

Easy: OSS emulation

Posted Jun 20, 2009 13:21 UTC (Sat) by khim (subscriber, #9252)
In reply to: YMMV as usual by sbergman27
Parent article: 2.6.31 merge window, week 1

Real-world programs (Acrobat Reader, Quake, Skype, etc) do use OSS. Today's real-world hardware does not have hardware mixer - and that means without CUSE there are no way to use these programs and keep all dekstop sound effects players and other things around. Looks like FOSS developers are slowly learn that "just use never version and/or recompile it" is not an acceptable answer to compatibility problems. I've written about it before

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Easy: OSS emulation

Posted Jun 20, 2009 14:22 UTC (Sat) by sbergman27 (guest, #10767) [Link]

So you have an old sound card somewhere that CUSE helps in some way when used with certain proprietary software.

Sure, some things are more boring than others. But just because you've found something, contrived as it may be, to get excited about does not mean it's exciting to others.

I'm not taking a position as to whether this kernel is shaping up to be "boring" or not. To me it's just another kernel development cycle. One of many in a long line of them. It's the cumulative progress that matters.

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