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Posted Jun 5, 2009 9:01 UTC (Fri) by k3ninho (subscriber, #50375)
Parent article: How many page flags do we really have?

At the end of the third-last paragraph, I can't parse the last sentence:

>Andrew Morton has suggested that HWPOISON could be made into a 64-bit-only feature; Andi allows as to how that might be possible, but he clearly doesn't like the idea.

How should 'Andi allows as to how that might be possible' read?

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Posted Jun 5, 2009 21:22 UTC (Fri) by samlh (subscriber, #56788) [Link]

'Andi says that might be possible'


Posted Jun 6, 2009 2:39 UTC (Sat) by xanni (subscriber, #361) [Link]

Not quite. The meaning is closer to "Andi accepts the argument that it might be possible", perserving the fact that it is not Andi who originates the argument.

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