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Waiting for Google Chrome

Waiting for Google Chrome

Posted Jun 4, 2009 21:00 UTC (Thu) by jimparis (subscriber, #38647)
Parent article: Waiting for Google Chrome

Google Chrome's visual style was designed with the assumption that the window manager is a stable target. On Windows and Mac, we have used this assumption to allow the tabs to blend seamlessly into the window title bar, creating Google Chrome's distinctive skyline.
Building an application with these objectives in mind is much more challenging on Linux because of the lack of general consensus as to what the default user interface toolkit, theme system, and window managers are.
No, it's much more challenging on Linux because I don't want you to come up with your own "distinctive skyline". I want your program to behave like all other programs on the system, or if it's got a custom look, it's because I've configured my window manager to give it a custom look. They seem to be missing the concept of "freedom" in free software...

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Waiting for Google Chrome

Posted Jun 4, 2009 22:50 UTC (Thu) by smoogen (subscriber, #97) [Link]

No they aren't. The Freedom of Free Software is you can mess with it to make it look like how you want it. However it also is the freedom of a developert to say "I want it to look like X no matter what."

Waiting for Google Chrome

Posted Jun 6, 2009 13:56 UTC (Sat) by Los__D (guest, #15263) [Link]

That is very true, but it is also a bit sad that they are spending extra time to remove the best thing about GTK+ (and QT for that matter); making things look consistent.

Now Chrome looks alien, and so less will want to use it (at least I know that I wont).

Waiting for Google Chrome

Posted Jun 6, 2009 20:33 UTC (Sat) by k8to (subscriber, #15413) [Link]

You're right, it's not a freedom issue.

It's just a stupid UI decision issue.

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