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Transactional Memory

Transactional Memory

Posted Jun 4, 2009 13:15 UTC (Thu) by zdzichu (subscriber, #17118)
In reply to: Transactional Memory by wahern
Parent article: A look at two new languages: Vala and Clojure

What about Sun's Rock CPU?

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Transactional Memory

Posted Jun 4, 2009 18:37 UTC (Thu) by wahern (subscriber, #37304) [Link]

From the Wikipedia entry I think this is closer to hardware transactional memory. STM is a way to get transactional semantics by the use of a simple primitive and fancy algorithms where parallel threads do a complicated dance to arrive at the completion of a [compound] transaction.

The Rock CPU ops would seem to mostly obviate the need for the dance.

Transactional Memory

Posted Jun 11, 2009 14:10 UTC (Thu) by tvld (guest, #59052) [Link]

Note that the Rock CPU's TM is a best-effort implementation. Even if there are no data conflicts, it does not guarantee that all transactions run without being aborted for some reason. The guarantee they seem to give is something close to an DCAS.

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