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treacherous computing for voting machines?

treacherous computing for voting machines?

Posted May 21, 2009 19:24 UTC (Thu) by anton (subscriber, #25547)
In reply to: #CONFIG_DRM_NONSENSE is not set by tialaramex
Parent article: Enabling DRM in the kernel?

As the people who have the key, the voting administration would in fact be the only people who'd decide this. Obviously such a system is useless if you give the key to people you don't trust
So you have replaced a system where any person can check that the votes are cast and counted correctly with one where we have to place blind trust in the voting administration. And if that was not bad enough, it's not the local administration that I had in mind, but some central agency (which makes any manipulation much more effective), and judging from the past, they will just delegate that power to the voting machine vendors.

Note that checking the casting and counting by any person was even possible in East Germany, as I recently heard in a 20-years-after documentation; a few people did that in a few precincts and got a result that had more votes against the ruling party than the official result for the whole country. This embarrassment for the ruling party and the election would not have happened with voting machines (locked-down or not).

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