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Posted May 21, 2009 17:19 UTC (Thu) by anton (subscriber, #25547)
In reply to: #CONFIG_DRM_NONSENSE is not set by dw
Parent article: Enabling DRM in the kernel?

I'd happily trust an electronic ballot if its source code and binaries were accessible, and the voting machine printed a hard copy signature based on my vote and the exact software version as recorded in the TXT state.
A fine demonstration of the water-muddling aspect I mentioned:

How would you know that the software version on the voting machine corresponds to the available source code and binaries? The only way for you to be sure would be if you and only you held the keys that locked down the machine (and you would also need a way to know that the machine was not replaced with a lookalike, and that there is no hole in the lock-down mechanism). Otherwise this means that you just entrusted the vote to whoever holds the keys.

Apart from that, if the signature is based on your vote, you have just done away with the secret ballot.

I don't think such a scenario is far fetched at all.
Unfortunately you are right. That is certainly one avenue that salespeople of voting machines will try to sustain their business model.

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