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PXE is awesome

PXE is awesome

Posted May 21, 2009 15:10 UTC (Thu) by nix (subscriber, #2304)
In reply to: PXE is awesome by njs
Parent article: Rescue and recovery distributions

I'm not sure what x86-64 would really bring here. Extra address space is possibly useful for fscking huge disks, but other than that... extra speed? What for? You're going to be disk-bound!

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PXE is awesome

Posted May 21, 2009 19:48 UTC (Thu) by njs (guest, #40338) [Link]

Right, should have explained... If you're recovering an x86-64 machine, it's very useful to be able to chroot into the recovery partition and run the programs there. (Last time this came up for me, I just needed to fix a fubared grub install, so the system's filesystem was fine, but I needed to make sure that the version of grub I was installing in the MBR matched the version of grub on the disk.) Only a 64-bit kernel can run 64-bit binaries.

PXE is awesome

Posted May 21, 2009 21:32 UTC (Thu) by nix (subscriber, #2304) [Link]

Well, yes, but as a 64-bit kernel can also run 32-bit binaries, I still
can't see any benefit to the 64-bit recovery tools. What can you do with
them that you can't with 32-bit tools? Do they have any benefit?

PXE is awesome

Posted May 21, 2009 21:53 UTC (Thu) by dlang (subscriber, #313) [Link]

that depends on the tools. if the tool could benifit from lots of memory (like say fsck) then having a 64 bit version is better.

if the tool spends almost all it's time waiting for the disk it may not benifit.

if the tool does a lot of computation, it can benifit from the additional registers abailable to 64 bit apps

PXE is awesome

Posted May 21, 2009 23:47 UTC (Thu) by nix (subscriber, #2304) [Link]

Yes, I now. But most repair tools don't benefit from heaps of memory nor
from the extra registers in any detectable manner: they're I/O bound. Even
fsck doesn't benefit enormously: if you've got an fs big enough to need
>4Gb RAM, you pretty much have to be using ext4, where fsck uses much less
memory anyway because of flexbg (IIRC).

PXE is awesome

Posted May 21, 2009 23:05 UTC (Thu) by njs (guest, #40338) [Link]

Not that I know of. But Parted Magic only offers a 32-bit kernel.

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