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Posted May 17, 2009 14:05 UTC (Sun) by davecb (subscriber, #1574)
In reply to: by jamesmrh
Parent article: Seccomp and sandboxing

jamesmrh wrote: It's like TCP or Unix, which people keep reinventing poorly.

A useful area to look at for previous successful solutions is MAC, or Mandatory Access Control, which is a necessary and sufficient component of a secure system, from work done back in 1985.

Besides being part of SE Linux, it's also one of the building blocks of the Solaris version of kernel virtual machines, "zones", so it's not just well-understood, it's well-tested.

For the original wheel, see the Department of Defense Trusted Computer System Evaluation Criteria. Accept no substitutes: the "common criteria" are watered-down political compromises with no technical content (;-))


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