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The return of devfs

The return of devfs

Posted May 11, 2009 4:01 UTC (Mon) by Kamilion (guest, #42576)
Parent article: The return of devfs

Sounds like a reasonable idea to me.
Mount a tmpfs on /dev, populate it with a few of the most meaningful device
nodes to get up and running enough to be able to load udev from somewhere or
just fall into a basic busybox shell.

I'm familiar with this fallback behavior in ubuntu, when their initramfs has
a heart attack on some esoteric hardware I have.

Most of the other major unixes that are still left have a kernel managed
dynamic device filesystem.

It seems like a good enough idea to me to have everything necessary to
bootstrap the most basic twenty or so system device nodes that nobody ever
renames strictly from 600 lines of code added to a kernel image.

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