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The two sides of reflink()

The two sides of reflink()

Posted May 6, 2009 17:03 UTC (Wed) by elanthis (guest, #6227)
In reply to: The two sides of reflink() by wilreichert
Parent article: The two sides of reflink()

To the filesystem, a cp isn't a copy -- it's one process reading from one file and writing to another. Figuring out that that is supposed to be a copy is very non-trivial and expensive, especially when taking into account metadata operations which aren't part of the regular file stream. I'm not sure it's even plausible to do without a second pass, e.g. a "combine files" daemon, which would still just be extra overhead.

If on the other hand cp says "this is a copy" to the kernel then the filesystem can just do the right thing. Of course, other applications will need to be modified to take advantage of the new feature, but such is the truth of most progress.

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