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See? Patents do help foster innovation!

See? Patents do help foster innovation!

Posted May 3, 2009 11:32 UTC (Sun) by dion (guest, #2764)
In reply to: See? Patents do help foster innovation! by dlang
Parent article: KSM tries again

Well, personally I have never seen one instance of patents having a positive influence on anything, but I've heard plenty of stories from various industries where they were a huge burden, so I'd rather do away with patents completely.

However, "immunity until notified" for published works would be a very fair deal for everyone, especially the society that allows patents, because publishing is exactly what patents are supposed to encourage.

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See? Patents do help foster innovation!

Posted May 3, 2009 12:41 UTC (Sun) by dlang (subscriber, #313) [Link]

playing devil's advocate here.

can you give an example of any country that did not have patent laws producing anywhere near the number of new things that are produced by the US?

unfortunantly there is no example to go by to counter this.

all that can be done is to look at history and note the number of things that we done by one person or group, and then lost over time to be rediscovered by another group many years later. the patent system is supposed to prevent this by getting these people to disclose 'enough details so that a person ordinarily skilled in the field can duplicate the invention'

In my opinion, the big problem is that the bar for getting patents is just too low. it used to be that you had to provide a working model of the invention to be inspected and see if it matched up with the patent. that's not done anymore, and many patents are for things that just don't work. the patent is also only supposed to be granted for things that are 'not obvious to a person skilled in the field', that is not being done (especially in the computer field) and this leads to far too many patents.

then you get into the problem that

See? Patents do help foster innovation!

Posted May 3, 2009 13:27 UTC (Sun) by dion (guest, #2764) [Link]

Yes, in software tons of things are being invented places where there are no software patents.

If there is any great advantage to having software patents then the US and Japan should be leading the world in software innovation.

See? Patents do help foster innovation!

Posted May 3, 2009 14:26 UTC (Sun) by dlang (subscriber, #313) [Link]

the grandparent comment was advocating eliminating all patents, not just the ones on software.

I don't think that there is anyone who would claim that software patents are currently working correctly.

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