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Not an issue for distros.. due to initrd

Not an issue for distros.. due to initrd

Posted Apr 30, 2009 16:36 UTC (Thu) by arjan (subscriber, #36785)
Parent article: USB and fast booting

This is only a problem for those that don't use an initrd (well the console is different).....
because the initrd is supposed to wait for the rootfs anyway

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Not an issue for distros.. due to initrd

Posted May 1, 2009 2:28 UTC (Fri) by adric (guest, #7180) [Link]

Unfortunately, this doesn't just affect the root filesystem. For example, I recently installed Ubuntu Netbook Remix 9.04 on an Eeepc 901, with /home residing on a 16 GB SD card... rootfs is on internal storage. I soon discovered that when running on battery power, however, the SD card usually isn't available when the filesystems get mounted.

My current workaround is to check if /home is present in /etc/rc.local, and re-attempt the mount if necessary. I'm definitely on the lookout for a better fix, but at the time needed to get it working rather quickly.

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