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A look at the MySQL forks

A look at the MySQL forks

Posted Apr 23, 2009 15:08 UTC (Thu) by sbergman27 (guest, #10767)
In reply to: A look at the MySQL forks by rahulsundaram
Parent article: A look at the MySQL forks

However, I don't recall there ever being any question as to the *real* PostgreSQL code base. And be careful with the "p" word; I'm sure you are familiar with MySQL's history.

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A look at the MySQL forks

Posted Apr 23, 2009 16:04 UTC (Thu) by rahulsundaram (subscriber, #21946) [Link]

"Real" MySQL is whatever is at I don't see why I should be careful about calling a proprietary fork, one. That has nothing to do with MySQL's history. What are you referring to anyway?

A look at the MySQL forks

Posted Apr 23, 2009 23:56 UTC (Thu) by sbergman27 (guest, #10767) [Link]

I'm referring to MySQL's very checkered history. Mostly due to MySQL AB wanting to walk the line between proprietary and Open Source, staying as close to the proprietary side as possible while still gaining FOSS benefits.

Required copyright assignment. Selling proprietary licenses. Keeping some of the features proprietary only. The distros being stuck at MySQL version 3.x for release after release due to MySQL AB's licensing games. The vs snit.

I've always been a bit surprised that they still have a fan base after all that has happened over the years.

Meanwhile, has just quietly made release after release of topnotch, unmistakably FOSS, RDBMS software, in stark contrast to the soap opera over at

BTW, it's your *real* MySQL over at that is in the greatest peril right now. The drama continues...

A look at the MySQL forks

Posted Apr 24, 2009 0:52 UTC (Fri) by rahulsundaram (subscriber, #21946) [Link]

Simply put, nothing other than is ever going to be called MySQL (trademark and all that) and it doesn't really matter much. Forks are free to take a different path under a different brand and they already have including Drizzle endorsed by Sun. I suspect some of them will just live their own life like many forks such as Emacs and XEmacs have. I see no reason for doom and gloom. In fact, I like the new environment of many experiments.

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