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Guessing about Project-B

Guessing about Project-B

Posted Apr 11, 2009 1:15 UTC (Sat) by neilbrown (subscriber, #359)
Parent article: Openmoko hits the wall

Like everyone else, I'm curious about plan-B.
I'm fairly sure that Steve Mosher says in the you-tube interview that it is "not a communications device". But a computer that doesn't communicate is a bit like a car with no wheels so I'm sure it does communicate, but that probably isn't as central to its purpose as it is with the Freerunner.

At 1/3 the development cost, it must either be significantly less complex than the planned GTA03, or re-use significantly more of the hardware that Openmoko already has expertise in. I'm guessing a mixture of the two. It will reuse a lot of the hardware that is in the GTA02, but will be somewhat simpler. So no GSM, probably no GPS, possibly only one wireless technology (Bluetooth) and probably a display, but driven directly by the CPU, not by any glamo.

Openmoko clearly sees their strength as the community so they will doubtlessly be planning to leverage us. So it seems reasonable to expect the device will be something that we will want, and something that we can add significant value to by doing interesting things. So expect that when it gets announced, I'm going to want one. That should give me a hint as to what it is - what do I want.

About the only thing that I can think of that is both less than the Freerunner (We know it is less complex) and also more that the Freerunner (so that I might want one) is some sort of home-based serve thingy. It would seem that Linksys have that market already covered though. But maybe it is something in the same line only better. Multiple ethernet, USB, eSATA ports plus ADSL2+ and Wifi. I'd certainly buy a box like that if it was all open. And quiet.

Does anyone else with better imagination that me have other guesses. Some small computer-based device that you've always wanted but could never find one that was open enough?

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Guessing about Project-B

Posted Apr 11, 2009 12:57 UTC (Sat) by eli (guest, #11265) [Link]

Watch the video and look at the slides. There is a blurred-out image of
project-B. I figured it was just a placeholder, but in the video he
holds up one of those same objects. So I think you can narrow your
brainstorming to something that makes sense in that form factor.

Guessing about Project-B

Posted Apr 11, 2009 20:34 UTC (Sat) by neilbrown (subscriber, #359) [Link]

Page 22 of the PDF has a blurry image of a device that Sean holds up at 18:30 into the video.

Small, hand held, display, 3 buttons. Almost certainly no speaker. No GSM. Possibly bluetooth?

What would you use that for? ebook reader? brag book? PDA?

What could it give me that the GTA02 doesn't? Bigger screen? longer battery life? cheaper?

Still curious.

Guessing about Project-B

Posted May 2, 2009 15:48 UTC (Sat) by Velmont (guest, #46433) [Link]

I think I heard from Maddog that it was going to be a commercial project. Something *not* for consumers, but for phone companies. So, something like GNU Radio?

Sadly, I couldn't attend his whole Open Telephony talk, and OH MY, it was the only track (of 10!) that we didn't manage to get any video from. A communication error, so very sad. I would've liked to see that talk...

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