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Openmoko hits the wall

Openmoko hits the wall

Posted Apr 10, 2009 15:29 UTC (Fri) by nlucas (subscriber, #33793)
Parent article: Openmoko hits the wall

I would be happy if they decided to go the PDA way.
One thing I would really like is a stable Linux PDA, with just wlan and/or bluetooth (nowadays chips that do both are cheap enough). Even video acceleration is not that important for me (it would be nice, though).
There are all those HP and others PDAs that can run Linux, but let's face it, when one model fully works you can't buy it anymore unless on eBay like sites.

I can't start developing software for a Linux PDA if when the software is finally done and tested I can't buy any more the PDA where it was tested.

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Openmoko hits the wall

Posted Apr 10, 2009 21:54 UTC (Fri) by man_ls (guest, #15091) [Link]

You can try the Internet tablets, e.g. the Nokia N800; actually it's a very nice device. Sadly the demand for PDAs seems to be waning (probably with the rise of iPhone-like devices) so it is not clear that Nokia will evolve it much more.

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