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Openmoko hits the wall

Openmoko hits the wall

Posted Apr 9, 2009 9:44 UTC (Thu) by SimonKagstrom (subscriber, #49801)
Parent article: Openmoko hits the wall

A small correction: The freerunner is unable to boot without a battery, not without a charger. This is quite irritating since it means lots of cumbersome work if you manage to flat your battery.

I own a freerunner and I'm sad to see things turning out this way. To me, the main problem with the freerunner has always been its bad "normal phone" performance - the sound is too low and buzzes a lot. The sound volume might be possible to fix with software, but not the buzz and I believe this really just underlines that the freerunner wasn't quite ready when it began selling.

So after 9 months with the freerunner, I'm still using my ancient basic phone. I had promised myself that my next phone would be Linux-based, but it more and more looks like I have to turn to something other than Openmoko for this.

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Openmoko hits the wall

Posted Apr 9, 2009 15:26 UTC (Thu) by eli (guest, #11265) [Link]

Similar here. I bought a FreeRunner when it became available. I used it
as a PDA, but could not use it as a phone. I bought the FR (and jtag
board) knowing it wasn't ready for prime-time, but I wanted to support
OpenMoko. I hope that they can survive on plan B so the goal of a
completely open phone doesn't die.

When my old cell phone deteriorated enough, I replaced it and the
FreeRunner with an Android Dev Phone. Now I just need to find time to
hack on it...

Openmoko hits the wall

Posted Apr 10, 2009 18:33 UTC (Fri) by zooko (guest, #2589) [Link]

Yeah, this is why I approve of the plan to make a "bugfixed FreeRunner".

Fix the buzz, fix the "can't boot without battery", ship it.

I'm not saying it will save the company -- probably nothing will, but
that's life in the jungle. I'm just saying I'd like a FreeRunner that
doesn't buzz and that you can easily recharge if you run out of battery.

I don't actually understand what "3G" is or why I should care. I think
I've used "3G" cell phones and found them to be exactly as unreliable and
low-voice-quality as other cell phones... I guess 3G offers a higher
data rate channel, which I admit would be cool, but I can use wifi where I
have it so I'm not too worried.

Openmoko hits the wall

Posted Apr 12, 2009 11:04 UTC (Sun) by kleptog (subscriber, #1183) [Link]

Just wondering where you live. since it must be more than 5 years since I connected to a non-3G network. I'm primarily in Europe and haven't seen non-3G in a while.

The way 3G was explained to me is that it it combines the protocol stack of GSM with the encoding of CDMA, removing some of the annoying limitations of GSM (primarily distance).

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