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filemap and readahead fixes

From:  Wu Fengguang <>
To:  Andrew Morton <>
Subject:  [PATCH 00/14] filemap and readahead fixes
Date:  Tue, 07 Apr 2009 19:50:39 +0800
Message-ID:  <>
Cc:  Benjamin Herrenschmidt <>
Archive-link:  Article


This is a set of fixes and cleanups for filemap and readahead.
They are for 2.6.29-rc8-mm1 and have been carefully tested.

filemap VM_FAULT_RETRY fixes
        [PATCH 01/14] mm: fix find_lock_page_retry() return value parsing
        [PATCH 02/14] mm: fix major/minor fault accounting on retried fault
        [PATCH 03/14] mm: remove FAULT_FLAG_RETRY dead code
        [PATCH 04/14] mm: reduce duplicate page fault code
        [PATCH 05/14] readahead: account mmap_miss for VM_FAULT_RETRY

readahead fixes
minor cleanups:
        [PATCH 06/14] readahead: move max_sane_readahead() calls into force_page_cache_readahead()
        [PATCH 07/14] readahead: apply max_sane_readahead() limit in ondemand_readahead()
        [PATCH 08/14] readahead: remove one unnecessary radix tree lookup

behavior changes necessary for the following mmap readahead:
        [PATCH 09/14] readahead: increase interleaved readahead size
        [PATCH 10/14] readahead: remove sync/async readahead call dependency

mmap readaround/readahead
major cleanups from Linus:
(the cleanups automatically fix a PGMAJFAULT accounting bug in VM_RAND_READ case)
        [PATCH 11/14] readahead: clean up and simplify the code for filemap page fault readahead

and my further steps:
        [PATCH 12/14] readahead: sequential mmap readahead
        [PATCH 13/14] readahead: enforce full readahead size on async mmap readahead
        [PATCH 14/14] readahead: record mmap read-around states in file_ra_state


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