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Why is Parrot better?

Why is Parrot better?

Posted Mar 26, 2009 13:23 UTC (Thu) by sergey (guest, #31763)
Parent article: A look at Parrot 1.0

The article seems silent on why or even if Parrot is
"better," neither for language developers nor for users.
I'd expect a more detailed comparison with other
"general purpose" VM as well as some indication of why
language X should choose to depend on Parrot.

For example:
* Is it more secure? How bullet-proof is the sandbox?
* Is it faster?
* How good is GC and memory management?
* Will it support object-oriented and functional
programming styles?
* If and how it deals with threads and multiple CPUs?
* (I'm sorry but I have to ask) does it run on certain
proprietary OS?
* Can every language team have a pony when they
switch :-)?

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Why is Parrot better?

Posted Mar 27, 2009 20:16 UTC (Fri) by NAR (subscriber, #1313) [Link]

* Does it support hot code loading?
* Does it support runtime tracing?

Why is Parrot better?

Posted Mar 28, 2009 21:50 UTC (Sat) by mogul (guest, #3163) [Link]

In particular, I'd love to see a comparison of Parrot with the Mono CLR, which to my eye appears to have all the same benefits and be further along.

Why is Parrot better?

Posted Apr 3, 2009 12:21 UTC (Fri) by muwlgr (guest, #35359) [Link]

Yes, and will it implement tracing compiler similar to modern Javascript implementations (Tracemonkey, V8, SquirrelFish) as well as planned for LuaJIT ?

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