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How is the history tracking?

How is the history tracking?

Posted Mar 19, 2009 5:41 UTC (Thu) by mrjk (subscriber, #48482)
Parent article: Campsite offers plug-and-play freedom of the press

Reading the article, the press release, and the feature list, there is a conspicuous absence that is
common for all software of this type I guess. There is no mention of historical ability. That is, 10
years from now I want to refer to an article that was published by Campsite 5 years previously. How
can I refer to it and how does Campsite display it? I see the ability to publish "issues" but what
about old issues. There may be features that do this, but they are never highlighted in any of these
press releases. That lack of concern for me is a big issue for online news and sites. It ought to be a
main feature of reviews. Otherwise we lose citations and history.

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How is the history tracking?

Posted Mar 19, 2009 17:24 UTC (Thu) by n8willis (subscriber, #43041) [Link]

mrjk, I'm not quite sure what you mean. Do you mean 'are published articles assigned unique URLs'? Because of course they are, but that still wouldn't prevent a site admin from removing or re-editing old content, or from messing with other settings. Or do you mean 'is there a way for editors and story authors working on new articles to automatically pull in references to old articles for citation'? Or something else?

PS - you can access the demo site at -- it might tell you what you need to know, although it has not yet been updated from 3.1 to 3.2.

How is the history tracking?

Posted Mar 21, 2009 0:23 UTC (Sat) by mrjk (subscriber, #48482) [Link]

Hmm... I replied a couple days ago and it somehow was lost.

Anyway what I am looking for would be a kind of historical snapshot capabiity. Suppose I use
Campsite for 5 years. Its now 2014 under the Palin administration and someone alleges that two
years previously I had an article about Cheney next to an article about atheists and that insulted
Cheney and I am now a traitor and going to jail. (Ok, Ok this is just for illustration). I want to show
what the site looked like that day in 2012. The whole site in relation to itself. Not just articles.
Perhaps bundling issues would let me do this, but if I didn't want issues, is there a feature that I
could call and say, I want what the site looked like at a given point in the past.

With a paper this is always a given, but I think it is bad that it is not done for electronic Web
publication much.

Hope this gets across what I was looking for,

How is the history tracking?

Posted Mar 21, 2009 18:49 UTC (Sat) by Cato (subscriber, #7643) [Link]

I think the solution to this is outside Campsite - either rely on the Internet Archive to do this, or set up a weekly process that captures the whole website and archives it into static HTML. The latter is probably preferable, but what might be best is if the Internet Archive could be contracted to do this for newspaper sites - it would be a useful service and also provide some income to the archive.

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