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Who's running for PP?

Who's running for PP?

Posted Mar 15, 2009 19:18 UTC (Sun) by coriordan (guest, #7544)
In reply to: Software Patents' Not Dead by job
Parent article: Interview: Ciaran O'Riordan of End Software Patents

Who's the anti-swpat candidate running for PP?

Erik Josefsson getting elected (with V) would really help sensible tech law policy in the EU.

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Who's running for PP?

Posted Mar 15, 2009 20:30 UTC (Sun) by job (guest, #670) [Link]

Christian Engström. They enjoy a wide support among very young people (some too young to vote), but with the torrent page trial it's not entirely unrealistic that they may get enough votes to get him in. I just hope the fact that these two digital rights activists run for what some may consider controversial parties does not harm sympathizers elsewhere.

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