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Notification firewall

Notification firewall

Posted Mar 5, 2009 12:42 UTC (Thu) by fmyhr (subscriber, #14803)
In reply to: Universal notification icon in system tray? by fmyhr
Parent article: Ubuntu debates usability changes

Reading other comments below, where some people want to see confirmation that a USB device has been attached and recognized and others never want to see such a message, it occurs to me that having a universal notification daemon has another advantage:

3) It can act as a firewall between notifications and the user. In other words, the notification daemon could include user-configurable filters on notifying application, message, urgency level, etc. When a message like "USB device attached" comes along and a user never wants to see that again, they could right-click on that notification window and select an option "Don't show me such notification again" which would open a notification filter configuration window:
Hide future notifications from:
* select: this application / all applications
* select: this message / all messages
* select: urgency level below: (numerical value)

When the notification daemon receives another message that matches an existing filter, it puts that notification in a submenu of the systray icon marked "Hidden Notifications". It does not turn the icon itself red/active. But if the user clicks on the systray icon and selects "Hidden Notifications" they can see the notifications that have been hidden and respond to them or re-enable them if they so desire. After a configurable message lifetime, hidden messages would be automatically removed from the "Hidden Notifications" sub-menu.

To really gild the lily, the notification daemon could allow setting up multiple notification profiles, so that a user could build up different sets of notification filters for different use cases and easily switch among them.

Analogous to iptables firewall, with
ip packet -> notification message
destination -> human user

Speaking of gilding lilies, the analogy could even be extended such that a notification daemon running in one session would *forward* matching notifications to a notification daemon running in another session / user / machine. Not sure that'd really be useful, though, and it gets complex in a hurry.

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Notification firewall

Posted Mar 5, 2009 23:21 UTC (Thu) by spitzak (guest, #4593) [Link]

I like the sound of this.

I think this can be extended to cover *all* of Linux logging. All those messages that get written to /var/logs can also go to this program. By default they are hidden messages.

I agree with others that one of the rules will have to be "make this other icon do something" so that you can still have the wireless indicator and others that people are used to.

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