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Xen: finishing the job

Xen: finishing the job

Posted Mar 5, 2009 8:36 UTC (Thu) by kolyshkin (guest, #34342)
In reply to: Xen: finishing the job by bangert
Parent article: Xen: finishing the job

You mean OpenVZ is like Xen? Then what is like KVM? Do we have any other containers technology in the mainline kernel which is not OpenVZ and which is better than OpenVZ?

Oh all right, I guess you just said «LXC» or «Linux Containers». So let me explain.

LXC is not something opposing to OpenVZ (as in KVM vs. Xen). OpenVZ team is one of the top contributors to LXC (I am not sure who's the number one here, it is either IBM or OpenVZ, and it doesn't really matter for me). What we do is we take a feature from OpenVZ patchset, rewrite it for mainstream and submit, when after a few rounds of reviewing and improving it gets merged. Those big container building blocks — PID namespace, and network namespace, and memory controller — are all here due to hard work of OpenVZ guys (with some help of IBM guys).

Also, currently there's still a lot of work to do for LXC to become more-or-less usable.

So I am sorry but I don't see any correlation here (aside from the «merge early» mantra). If you have a different perspective on this please share it with us.

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