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Whitehat botnets (ha ha only serious)

Whitehat botnets (ha ha only serious)

Posted Feb 20, 2009 5:31 UTC (Fri) by Drone (guest, #56757)
In reply to: Whitehat botnets (ha ha only serious) by JesseW
Parent article: Forcing updates

> Your thoughts?
When you're driving a car you're agree to obey some rules targeted to overall safety. And you must learn these rules, etc. Only then you're allowed to travel by car. And you will be held liable if you kill or harm someone due to your bad driving. Same should be with computers: before connecting to public network certain customer, ISPs have to ensure that this user really haves certain level of knowledge of rules similar to car driving rules. So, they have to avoid viruses and held liable if infected and inflicted damage to others.

However, there is no service-mans sneaking into my garage to fix my car. Even if it needs fixing in their opinition, it is up to me to go to service. Furthermore, such service-man will be shoot on sight by me for breaking into my private property, if anyone will risk to do so. I do not see why this should not apply to silent attempts to break-in into my computer. Even if this was intended to fix it. My PC is my private property. You are not allowed to enter without my permission.

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