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Forcing updates

Forcing updates

Posted Feb 20, 2009 5:04 UTC (Fri) by Drone (guest, #56757)
In reply to: Forcing updates by xoddam
Parent article: Forcing updates

> Forced updates *are* applicable in certain situations
But only in CERTAIN scenarios. If you will attempt to break in and "administer" MY computer, I will consider this as attempt to remove MY FREEDOM, violate my privacy and so on. It's my computer and it have to obey to ME. So if you will try to do otherwise, I will put all my forces to enforce you (and anyone involved) to administer only your toilet until end of your days. That's a only fate any tyrant deserves (administrative tyrants are not exception). Do not mix your sucking enterprises with corporate half-slaves behind computers and free people who does not receives salary from you so they have zero tolerance to your attempts to invade into their private lives. Also I can recommend to half-slaves to stop being such ignorant morons so someone always allowed to takeover your power to make decisions. Power to make decisions on your own is a great thing. This is what really called as freedom, actually.

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