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It's only matter of time...

It's only matter of time...

Posted Feb 13, 2009 0:08 UTC (Fri) by khim (subscriber, #9252)
In reply to: Forcing updates by eli
Parent article: Forcing updates

It is MY computer. Yes, it is running your software, but that does not change the fact that it is MY computer.

But it's connected to public network. I think the eventual resolution will be something like "treble damages apply if your system does not have auto-updates and is actually hurt someone"...

Or may be something like cars: you don't need automatic updates, but you need to check your system regularly and can be disconnected from netwerk if there are no "stamp of approval" for week or two.

Bascially the story is simple: as long as your computer is truly yours and does not connect to any other computer - you are free to use anything you want. When you are becoming part of public network - some rules should apply...

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It's only matter of time...

Posted Feb 20, 2009 5:13 UTC (Fri) by Drone (guest, #56757) [Link]

> But it's connected to public network.
I can buy kitchen knife and then I can kill someone with it. Is this a valid reason to enforce people to stop using kitchen knives? Or maybe it is a valid reason to jail everyone "by default" and only sometimes release for short time? No?! Same goes here.

I am agree to receive certain punishment if I got actually infected as the result and some harm was done to others. Just like I am agree to get punished if I'm killed someone. That's necessary to enforce security.

But I will never agree to get jailed and forbidden to use even kitchen knives "for my own security" and without any other reasons - I will simply consider this as a slavery. I do not need security at price of my freedom since then I will be neither secure nor free. How can I feel secure if I can't even trust to my OS which does something against my wishes? And how can I feel myself free if my freedom of choice is taken away?

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