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Forcing updates

Forcing updates

Posted Feb 12, 2009 20:52 UTC (Thu) by southey (subscriber, #9466)
In reply to: Forcing updates by pcampe
Parent article: Forcing updates

Which is why many people just disable SELinux when installing Fedora, disable soon after when it becomes too much effort to maintain, or just apply the recommended 'fix' to get those stupid messages away.

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Forcing updates

Posted Feb 20, 2009 4:36 UTC (Fri) by Drone (guest, #56757) [Link]

Btw, Vista got backslashed due to excessive annoyance. Someone want to repeat this mistake with Linux? The more system annoys and fools the users, the less trust it will have. And how can I recommend or use system to which I do not trust? I will surely abandon such system. After all, it's my computer for me and I have to control it's behavior. Not I am for my computer so it can be allowed to dictate me what I have to do right now...

It could SUGGEST what I may want to do. Nothing more.

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