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Android application security

Android application security

Posted Feb 9, 2009 18:13 UTC (Mon) by bronson (subscriber, #4806)
In reply to: Android application security by dlang
Parent article: Android application security

> for all these reasons, I just don't see the mobile malware problem ever getting as bad as the windows malware problem currently is.

You don't see mobile malware bringing entire power distribution grids to their knees? Or infecting 1 in 3 handsets? Or spawning a $500 million / year industry devoted to broken-by-design antivirus snake oil?

Well, that's a relief! Guess we don't need to worry about it then.

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Android application security

Posted Feb 11, 2009 10:40 UTC (Wed) by job (guest, #670) [Link]

Smartphones and PDAs aren't new. Symbian and Palm has orders of magnitude more user installable software than iPhone and Android. I fail to see the 1-in-3-handsets malware you speak of.

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