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Android application security

Android application security

Posted Feb 9, 2009 11:48 UTC (Mon) by massimiliano (subscriber, #3048)
In reply to: Android application security by mikov
Parent article: Android application security

The question is who is doing the vetting, how expensive it is and does it make economic sense?

Well, IMHO one key point is the freedom of doing the vetting, and the freedom of setting up a vetting system that is acceptable for the users.

With the Apple model this simply is not possible. The Android model, on the other hand, gives users a choice. We should not accomplish security by denying choice (the freedom to instal any application he wants) to the user!

What I'd really like is seeing a healthy ecosystem of Free Sofware (or Open Source, as you like) applications available for Android. That would allow the review process to be public and distributed, which is the real reason why I trust my Linux distribution more that how I would trust a closed OS.

And it would be nice to educate the users to this kind of sensibility to freedom... which at least with Android is possible.

My 2c,

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