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Re: Python 3.0.1

From:  "Raymond Hettinger" <>
To:  "=?iso-8859-1?Q?=22Martin_v._L=F6wis=22?=" <>, "Benjamin Peterson" <>
Subject:  Re: Python 3.0.1
Date:  Tue, 27 Jan 2009 13:19:21 -0800
Message-ID:  <BAB83F8E1CF54330AB15CB5E3344FD13@RaymondLaptop1>
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From: ""Martin v. Löwis"" <>
> Releasing 3.1 6 months after 3.0 sounds reasonable; I don't think
> it should be released earlier (else 3.0 looks fairly ridiculous).

I think it should be released earlier and completely supplant 3.0
before more third-party developers spend time migrating code.
We needed 3.0 to get released so we could get the feedback
necessary to shake it out.  Now, it is time for it to fade into history
and take advantage of the lessons learned.

The principles for the 2.x series don't really apply here.  In 2.x, there
was always a useful, stable, clean release already fielded and there
were tons of third-party apps that needed a slow rate of change.

In contrast, 3.0 has a near zero installed user base (at least in terms
of being used in production).  It has very few migrated apps.  It is
not particularly clean and some of the work for it was incomplete
when it was released.

My preference is to drop 3.0 entirely (no incompatable bugfix release)
and in early February release 3.1 as the real 3.x that migrators ought
to aim for and that won't have incompatable bugfix releases.  Then at
PyCon, we can have a real bug day and fix-up any chips in the paint.

If 3.1 goes out right away, then it doesn't matter if 3.0 looks ridiculous.
All eyes go to the latest release.  Better to get this done before more
people download 3.0 to kick the tires.


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