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Book Review: Hacking VoIP

Book Review: Hacking VoIP

Posted Feb 2, 2009 20:51 UTC (Mon) by shapr (guest, #9077)
Parent article: Book Review: Hacking VoIP

I've been using a VoIP service for years to call out of the USA for very little money.

The biggest problem I have is that I cannot purchase service from an ISP with any sort of latency guarantee.

My current 10Mbps cable modem appears to give me those ten megabits once a second, at the end of every second.

Any sort of low latency ISP available in Somerville, MA?

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Book Review: Hacking VoIP

Posted Feb 5, 2009 17:18 UTC (Thu) by forthy (guest, #1525) [Link]

I don't know if DSL is commonplace in MA, but give it a try. Here in Germany, it is, and DSL latency with fastpath (non-interleaved ATM packets) gives you a latency of a few milliseconds to other endpoints in the same area. My DSL provider also offers VoIP, but it is in fact more VoATM, i.e. they have a modified version of the DSL modem, which packs in the voice stream into then ATM packets, and routes those through the plain old telephone network (which, on the ATM level, is quite a bit more modern than TCP/IP ;-).

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