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A SystemTap update

A SystemTap update

Posted Jan 29, 2009 20:07 UTC (Thu) by epb205 (guest, #50182)
In reply to: A SystemTap update by ctg
Parent article: A SystemTap update

Why doesn't ps show which processes are swapped out anymore? Is that somehow a security hole?

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A SystemTap update

Posted Feb 3, 2009 22:33 UTC (Tue) by oak (guest, #2786) [Link]

No idea, but you can get the same information also from /proc/PID/smaps.
It's separate for each of the memory mapping the process has i.e. you may
need to write a small script to process the data.

If the process has stuff that's marked as swapped, but not anymore as
dirty, it's completely swapped out. For some reason kernel/SMAPS doesn't
think swapped pages to be anymore dirty which loses the distinction
between shared dirty and private dirty that SMAPS shows for pages still in

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