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A SystemTap update

A SystemTap update

Posted Jan 29, 2009 17:26 UTC (Thu) by fuhchee (guest, #40059)
In reply to: A SystemTap update by jejb
Parent article: A SystemTap update

> Um, just use a search

I asked because I recall no serious debate about the two specific items ("process symbol tables in the kernel" and "having kernel ... execute code ... to do the traps") you listed. Please humor fellow readers and give some links.

> > User-space symbol tables are made available to the systemtap module
> > only if it is required by the script

> Only if you buy the premise that the kernel has to be intimately involved
> in the trace instead of being a simple conduit for mediating it.

There are many possible details behind such a summary. If one wants dtrace-level introspection and manipulation, never mind going beyond it, some "intimate involvement" (kernel-side processing?) is necessary. Merely "mediating" (data copying?) is not sufficient, since the choice of data and the nature of the programmed reaction is itself variable.

> [...] that, after all, is how gdb works. [...]

The work involved in how gdb does its thing is several orders of magnitude heavier.

> The brick wall is that kernel developers don't think this is at all a
> compelling argument and apparently systemtap people think it is.

Individual kernel people don't need to buy into every argument for systemtap to bloom. We have promoted numerous "dual-use" kernel-side technologies that can stand on their own feet. For example, with utrace, if you believe that user-space instrumentation is plausible, you should support utrace and forthcoming ("froggy" or "ubs"-like) layers on top, for dispatching those events to a hypothetical user-space handler.

The details deserve more in-depth discussion.

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