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Quotes of the week

We've already demonstrated "look how much stuff we can merge" time and time again, but no-one ever seems to have a proposal for how we increase the amount of review code gets before it's merged.

There's lowering the barrier for entry, and there's not having a barrier at all. The latter is what I'm concerned that staging/ has become.

-- Dave Jones

In fact, i claim that doing "real review" on butt-ugly code is a waste of time and resources, and that it is also _harmful_. By doing real review on something that is not even right stylistically, you insert value into it. That way you _encourage_ that author of that ugly piece of code to contribute more code in the same fashion. You indirectly harm Linux that way because you encourage bad taste.

I strongly support the notion that high-level review is only warranted on code that is reviewable and looks tasteful, and that code which doesn't meet basic style should not be merged at all.

-- Ingo Molnar

This *looks* like the kind of naive question a newbie would ask. And a poor coder would simply patch in the increase. A reasonable coder would also make a comment about the potential bloat. A good coder would ask why you need more than fifty_five_characters_in_one_single_exported_identifier.

But you're operating on a completely different level!

You chose this example to demonstrate, by (if I may) expandio ad absurdum, that our current approach is flawed. Obviously you *knew* that it could be converted to a pointer, and equally obviously this would require us to process relocations before parsing version symbols. Clearly, you understood that this would mean we had to find another solution for struct module versioning, but you knew that that was always the first symbol version anyway.

You no-doubt knew that we could potentially save 7% on our module size using this approach. But obviously not wanting to criticize my code, you instead chose this oh-so-subtle intimation where I would believe the triumph to be mine alone!

I am humbled by your genius, and I only hope that my patch series approaches the Nirvanic perfection you foresaw.

-- Rusty Russell
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Quotes of the week

Posted Jan 29, 2009 11:47 UTC (Thu) by error27 (subscriber, #8346) [Link]

The drivers in staging really are really really bad. I was astonished. A lot of these drivers are at DAC960.c level...

Quotes of the week

Posted Jan 29, 2009 17:04 UTC (Thu) by gregkh (subscriber, #8) [Link]

That they are, patches are gladly accepted to fix them up.

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