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Finding and using free fonts

Finding and using free fonts

Posted Jan 22, 2009 22:17 UTC (Thu) by cpeterso (guest, #305)
Parent article: Finding and using free fonts

My girlfriend is a print production artist. As such, she must use non-free software like Adobe InDesign for page layout.

Commercial fonts are very expensive. I've tried to convince her to investigate some Free fonts because, as a freelancer, she could save a lot of money.

Unfortunately, she says that she (and her clients) are too paranoid about free fonts because of the print quality and many print shops do not have (or have experience using) non-mainstream fonts. She has many horror stories about print shops having all sorts of trouble with fonts. I don't know if the fonts problem are with the font files, the printer software, or the print shops' ignorance.

Resolving these problems becomes even more difficult as many print jobs are sent to print shops in China. So print designers are very conservative and are stuck in a vicious cycle: they won't risk using non-mainstream fonts until print shops get their act together. But the print shops are seemingly too lazy, cheap, and under deadlines to explore new font technology.

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