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Finding and using free fonts

Finding and using free fonts

Posted Jan 22, 2009 13:40 UTC (Thu) by nim-nim (subscriber, #34454)
In reply to: Finding and using free fonts by epa
Parent article: Finding and using free fonts

1. Most TEX users do not realise, but modern TEX (XETEX...) can use TTF/OTF fonts. It has to because that's the formats the rest of the world uses so MF is an evolutionary dead-end. TEX users need to access fonts created by other projects (and other projects need access to TEX fonts)

For this reason recent TEX efforts produce OTF fonts (STIX, TEX Gyre, etc)

2. TEX people have been lax in licensing in the past (so many historic TEX fonts are not clearly licensed or cleanly licensed)

« I will leave texlive aside as an exercise in futility. I may write more about that if/when I ever manage to finish auditing that steaming pile. »¹

and GUST in particular continues to be (unauthorised relicensing of GPL GS fonts to their own pet license: see page 8 of )

¹ (Tom Callaway handles licensing problems for Fedora)

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