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Common Wine Myths

Common Wine Myths

Posted Jan 22, 2009 4:26 UTC (Thu) by jwb (guest, #15467)
In reply to: Common Wine Myths by ncm
Parent article: Common Wine Myths

Yes, while it's true that a great many things work perfectly in Wine (I myself use LTSpiceIV under Wine daily) it is also true that it's trivial to find something that doesn't work at all, or works very poorly.

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Common Wine Myths

Posted Jan 22, 2009 18:22 UTC (Thu) by timschmidt (guest, #38269) [Link]

This is also true for Windows Vista and the upcoming Windows 7. The difference is that the majority of ISVs will be actively working to re-target their apps at Vista / 7, eventually solving most incompatibilities. Very few ISVs care about Wine (yet).

Nevertheless, it's here, it works for many applications already, and when ISVs decide they should start caring about the Linux desktop - it will be a much easier target for many of them to hit than an entirely different toolkit.

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