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Semantic patching with Coccinelle

Semantic patching with Coccinelle

Posted Jan 21, 2009 12:35 UTC (Wed) by hppnq (guest, #14462)
In reply to: Semantic patching with Coccinelle by Yorick
Parent article: Semantic patching with Coccinelle

Statements on the form X is written in Y, so the potential developer base is somewhat limited where Y is a language not well-known by the speaker are misleading. Any competent and motivated programmer will quickly learn a language such as ML, Scheme or Haskell in order to contribute to a project.

This is not the common practice, of course, if only because there are a lot more incompetent programmers than programmers who quickly learn Haskell. Whether this is true for any language Y and any project X is an interesting question.

But of the statements S in publication P, I would say yours is more sweeping than Valerie's. ;-)

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