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One other feature

One other feature

Posted Jan 10, 2009 12:03 UTC (Sat) by mlankhorst (subscriber, #52260)
In reply to: One other feature by k8to
Parent article: BleachBit: Does GNU/Linux need the equivalent of a Windows registry cleaner?

It exists... gnome uses gconf, kde uses .kde/share/apps/appname ;)

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One other feature

Posted Jan 24, 2009 22:53 UTC (Sat) by muwlgr (guest, #35359) [Link]

What is really needed, is probably sometihing like "KDE config keeper/explorer/reverter". To keep your configs in .git on each KDE startup. And let you see what so smart had KDE done with each config at what time. And of course return that into some previous state when everything looked and worked well. As KDE and its apps are prone to do some voluntary and overly-intellectual reconfigurations and fallbacks which the user only has to guess about how to revert or "fallforward".

One other feature

Posted Jan 25, 2009 23:59 UTC (Sun) by dlang (subscriber, #313) [Link]

this sort of thing is very useful for many different programs nowdays. I ended up setting up a cron job to do a commit of 'interesting' files every min. it has saved me a few times when applications go haywaire (most commonly with firefox)

David Lang

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