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Non-Commercial announcements

DSS, Inc., announces open-source version of vxVistA EHR Framework (LinuxMedNews)

LinuxMedNews reports on a new open-source medical software release. "DSS, Inc. has announced that its vxVistA product a Veterans Affairs VistA distribution that is CCHIT certified will now be open source under the Eclipse Public License (clarification: the EPL'ed version will not be CCHIT certified although they will share much of the same code)".

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FSFE announces New Year's Resolution Fellowship campaign

The Free Software Foundation Europe has announced their New Year's Resolution Fellowship campaign. "We're asking people what they can do in 2009 to improve things for themselves and others in the sphere of software freedoms. The best way is to join the successful Fellowship membership strand of our organisation, through which Fellows work for software freedoms - and have fun doing it! The Fellowship will soon have representation on FSFE's General Assembly, enabling a motivated Fellow to make even more of a difference, and represent the views of Fellows worldwide."

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No preliminary injunction in the Jacobsen case

Last year, the Jacobson/JMRI case produced an appeals court ruling to the effect that free software licenses are truly licenses; that result was seen as big victory for the community. Now the Law & Life: Silicon Valley weblog reports that, back in District Court, a request for a preliminary injunction based on that ruling has been turned down. "The District Court drew on a very recent Supreme Court decision which required a higher standard of proof of damages for the grant of a preliminary injunction: Jacobsen must prove that he is 'likely to succeed on the merits, that he is likely to suffer irreparable harm in the absence of preliminary relief, that the balance of equities tips in his favor and that an injunction is in the public interest'. The Court then noted that Jacobsen had made no showing that he had actually suffered any of these potential harms and that Jacobsen had 'failed to proffer any evidence of any specific and actual harm suffered as a result of the alleged copyright infringement and he has failed to demonstrate that there is any continuing or ongoing conduct that indicates future harm is imminent.'"

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Changes at OLPC

The front page of the OLPC wiki currently has a message from Nicholas Negroponte describing changes which are being made with the project. These include laying off half the staff, pushing development of the generation-2 machine, and "passing on the development of the Sugar Operating System to the community." OLPC is also dedicated to becoming the $0 laptop in developing countries, though how that will happen is not specified. (Thanks to Rahul Sundaram).

Comments (112 posted) has shut down

Bruce Perens's news and comment site has shut down for the second time (it was off the air 2001-2004). A message was left at the site explaining the move: "When it became evident that Technocrat was un-viable as a business, I found that I did not wish to keep supporting the site as a hobby. Certain elements of the community that developed here, unfortunately, creep me out. At the end I faced the decision of asking for donations to keep the site running, or letting it die, and it became clear to me that I'd feel better if it would just die." (thanks to Rick Moen).

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FOSS community mourns the loss of Thiemo Seufer

Longtime free and open source software developer Thiemo Seufer died in a car accident on December 26. Thiemo was involved with a number of different projects in our community including Debian, binutils, MIPS-Linux, and QEMU. An obituary written by Bdale Garbee, Steve McIntyre, Ralf Baechle, Daniel Jacobowitz, Aurelien Jarno, and Thomas Gleixner gives more information about Thiemo and his contributions. Click below for the obituary.

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Openmoko: looking forward to 2009

Those who are interested in the Openmoko phone may want to look at this lengthy look forward by founder Sean Moss-Pultz. "Nobody will doubt the value of openness for the mobile industry anymore. This seems like good news at first glance. But what openness are they talking about? Look around and you'll find it's pretty different than what we've been talking about. Yes, the very definition of openness is changing. This troubles me because we cannot influence markets with our words - only our products. And the quality of our products is not world class yet. The bar has been seriously raised. Time is running out. We need to find a way to lead again. I don't believe playing catch up will work. Something fundamental needs to change."

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Contests and Awards

MSFXDC: Metasploit eXploits Development Contest

The Metasploit eXploits Development Contest has been announced. "MSFXDC (MetaSploit Framework eXploits Development Contest) is a challenge where the main goal is to code the largest number of new Metasploit Framework exploits modules. Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to code new exploits modules for the Metasploit Framework (latest 3.x version). Exploits modules must be new regarding the current Metasploit Framework SVN repository content." Submissions are due by February 1, winners will receive a prize of 150 Euros and a VIP Ticket for the FRHACK conference.

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Education and Certification

OpenEMR HQ announces OpenEMR Certification Program (LinuxMedNews)

LinuxMedNews notes the availability of some new certification programs. "Earlier today, in a weekly conference call with customers and consultants, OpenEMR HQ CEO Anthony Papillion formally announced the launch of the companies OpenEMR Certified Consultant and OpenEMR Gold Certified certification programs for individuals and companies wishing to demonstrate their knowledge of the OpenEMR medical records software product and offer their customers a guaranteed level of service."

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UKUUG and O'Reilly Perl tutorials

UKUUG and O'Reilly have teamed up to provide a series of Perl tutorials on February 25-26 in the UK. Day 1 will feature an Introduction to Perl and day 2 will cover Advanced Perl Techniques.

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Open Technology Group, Inc. announces Python Training

The Open Technology Group has announced several Python Bootcamp courses, they will take place in Morrisville, NC on March 16-20, 2009 and May 11-15, 2009. "Designed for programmers looking to learn or migrate to the Python language, this Python course covers the fundamentals of the Python language in a mix of lecture, demonstration, and hands-on exercises."

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Python training in Colorado, January 27-30, 2009

A python class will take place in Longmont, CO. "Python author and trainer Mark Lutz will be teaching a 4-day Python class on January 27-30, in Longmont, Colorado. This is a public training session open to individual enrollments, and covers the same topics and hands-on lab work as the onsite sessions that Mark teaches. The class provides an in-depth introduction to both Python and its common applications, and parallels the instructor's popular Python books."

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Calls for Presentations

Call for audio and software work

A call for audio and software work for an upcoming compilation effort has been announced. "Forwind invites musicians/software developers/artists who write custom audio software to submit both a piece of music created with the software and the software itself for inclusion in an audio and software compilation due to be released mid 2009. This compilation will strive to present both the software and audio on an equal footing. Design of the end package will be in the very capable hands of Paul Finn from Fitzroy & Finn ( The intentions are for this to be a substantial physical release (Book, double CD etc - details have yet to be finalized.)" The submission deadline is March 31.

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GNOME Devroom at FOSDEM 2009

A call for papers has gone out for the GNOME Devroom at FOSDEM 2009. "As for the last few years, we'll have a GNOME devroom at FOSDEM (7/8 feb in Brussels), and as always, we want *YOU* to give a talk about the cool project you are hacking on in this devroom This year, we'll have half a day dedicated to GNOME specific talks, and on Sunday, we'll share the devroom with people hacking on other desktop environments and have talks about crossdesktop topics or talks about some gnome specific topics, but which can be of interest to the other communities."

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LAC2009: Holiday time = Paper time

A call for papers has gone out for LAC2009. "The LAC (Linux Audio Conference) is an annual event where developers, users and composers from all around the world come together for 4 days to present current developments, new compositions and other news to the public, listen to concerts, and generally have a good time together. The LAC2009 is taking place at the Casa della Musica in Parma, Italy, from April 16th to 19th, 2009." Submissions are due by January 15.

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OpenSource World 2009 Call for Papers

A call for papers has gone out for the 2009 OpenSource World Conference & Expo, formerly called LinuxWorld. "The OpenSource World conference presents the latest Linux and open source ideas in a very technical context by industry experts and innovators. OpenSource World focuses on real-world solutions in real-world environments using open source, open standards and open architecture as part of an integrated IT infrastructure. Our key theme this year will be how open source software is helping companies do more with less; proposals with this perspective are especially interesting to us.". The event takes place in San Francisco, CA on August 10-13, 2009. Submissions are due by February 20.

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Call for papers and trainers - SeacureIT 2009

A call for papers has gone out for SEaCURE.IT, an Italian technical security conference. "The 2009 edition will be held from May 19th to 22nd in the wonderful seaside resort Tanka Village, located in Villasimius, Sardinia, a large and beautiful island in the Mediterranean sea. Besides the main conference, featuring two tracks of top-notch presentations over two intense days, the programme will include two days of advanced trainings, and a set of unique social events (Italian style), in order to foster networking." Submissions are due by February 20.

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CFP: uCon Security Conference 2009

A call for papers has gone out for the uCon Security Conference 2009. "uCon will be a totally informal and non-profit conference taking place in Recife, Brazil, in 28th of February 2009 -- three days after the best street carnival ever (also known as the rehearsal of the end of the world). The conference aims to bring together academics, hackers and information security enthusiasts to share cutting-edge ideas and thoughts about their latest developments and techniques in the field." Submissions are due by January 25.

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Upcoming Events

Belgian Perl Workshop (use Perl)

The 2009 Belgian Perl Workshop has been announced, it will be held in Leuven, Belgium on February 28. "Among the invited speakers are Jonathan Worthington, Abigail and Matt Trout. The theme for this year's workshop is "Discovering Perl"."

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Invite to KDE for Free and Open Source Nigeria 2009 (KDE.News)

KDE.News has announced the Free and Open Source Nigeria 2009 conference. It will take place at Bayero University Kano Nigeria on March 6-9, 2009. "We want to invite KDE contributors and users including organisations and companies who want to come and give talks or workshops during the event. We are expecting more than 2000 participants from within and outwith the university. We will be glad to receive guests from all over the world, especially people with vast experiences in open source."

Comments (none posted) announces miniconf schedule

The miniconf schedule has been announced. "The miniconf schedule includes 12 miniconfs: Open Source Databases, Linux Kernel, Systems Administration, MythTV, Linuxchix, Mobile Devices, The Business of open Source, Linux Security, Multimedia, Virtualisation and Management, Gaming and Free as in Freedom."

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OOoCon 2009 - Call for Location

A call for location has gone out for OOoCon 2009. "The Community is now accepting proposals from Community teams for hosting its next annual international conference, OOoCon 2009. Hosting OOoCon is challenging, rewarding, exhilarating, exhausting ... and can provide a huge publicity boost for in your country. There is no fixed date for OOoCon, although past conferences have been held in the autumn. The deadline for submissions is midnight UTC on February 1st 2009."

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Events: January 15, 2009 to March 16, 2009

The following event listing is taken from the Calendar.

January 15
January 16
Foundations of Open Media Software 2009 Hobart, Tasmania, Australia
January 17
January 23
Camp KDE 2009 Negril, Jamaica
January 19
January 24 - penguins march south Hobart, Australia
January 25
January 29
Ruby on Rails Bootcamp with Charles B. Quinn Atlanta, GA, USA
January 25
January 28
GCC Research Opportunities Paphos, Cyprus
January 31 Greater London Linux Users Group meeting London, UK
January 31
February 3
Black Hat Briefings DC Arlington, VA, USA
February 4
February 5
DC BSDCon 2009 Washington, D.C., USA
February 4
February 6
Money:Tech 2009 New York, NY, USA
February 5
February 9
German Perl Workshop Frankfurt, Germany
February 7 Frozen Perl 2009 Minneapolis, MN., USA
February 7
February 8
FOSDEM 2009 Brussels, Belgium
February 9
February 11
O'Reilly Tools of Change for Publishing New York, NY, USA
February 15 Free Software Awards 2009 Deadline Soissons, France
February 16
February 18
Open Source Singapore Pacific-Asia Conference Singapore, Singapore
February 16
February 19
Black Hat DC Briefings 2009 Washington, D.C., USA
February 20 Demonstrating Open-Source Health Care Solutions Los Angeles, CA, USA
February 20
February 22
Southern California Linux Expo Los Angeles, CA, USA
February 24
February 26
VMworld Europe 2009 Cannes, France
February 25
February 27
German Perl Workshop Frankfurt Main, Germany
February 27 PHP UK Conference London, UK
February 28 Belgian Perl Workshop Leuven, Belgium
February 28 uCon Security Conference Recife, Brazil
March 1
March 4
Global Ignite week Online
March 3
March 8
CeBIT 2009 Hanover, Germany
March 4
March 7
DrupalCon DC 2009 Washington D.C., USA
March 6 Dutch Perl Workshop Arnhem, The Netherlands
March 7 Ukrainian Perl Workshop 2009 Kiev, Ukraine
March 8
March 11
Bossa Conference 2009 Recife, Brazil
March 9
March 13
Advanced Ruby on Rails Bootcamp with Charles B. Quinn Atlanta, GA, USA
March 9
March 12
O'Reilly Emerging Technology Conference San Jose, CA, USA
March 12
March 15
Pingwinaria 2009 - Polish Linux User Group Conference Spala, Poland
March 14 OpenNMS User Conference (Europe) 2009 Frankfurt Main, Germany
March 14
March 15
Chemnitzer Linux Tage 2009 Chemnitz, Germany

If your event does not appear here, please tell us about it.

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