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Hv3 and the art of minimalist web-browsing

Hv3 and the art of minimalist web-browsing

Posted Dec 19, 2008 19:13 UTC (Fri) by lysse (guest, #3190)
In reply to: Hv3 and the art of minimalist web-browsing by phillemann
Parent article: Hv3 and the art of minimalist web-browsing

Actually, no I don't. If I start Firefox with Flash enabled, I only get three goes at it before Firefox itself refuses to open again until I get rid of the pox upon it...

You say "RMS escapistic", but all I can see is sheer pragmatism. Flash kills my machine. 90% of its practical use is watching Youtube videos, and I've got youtube-dl and mplayer for that. (And frankly, the rest of it, bar the last 0.1%, is non-Youtube videos. That's leaving aside the majority Flash usage - stupid loud annoying adverts, site intros and unwanted media streams that can't be turned off or bypassed.)

In any case, if you want Flash, use Firefox. The big shiny browsing experience is what it's used for. Asking every browser to support Flash is just demanding a pointless conformism; isn't one of the points of the free software ecosystem that diverse needs can be catered for with diverse software, without having to look to the profit line for justification?

(Oh - and don't be so bloody rude to people who are doing nothing more than expressing a view contrary to your own. It would be bad enough even if you HADN'T completely missed their point.)

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