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Interview: Vernor Vinge

Interview: Vernor Vinge

Posted Dec 10, 2008 18:04 UTC (Wed) by dberkholz (guest, #23346)
Parent article: Interview: Vernor Vinge

Thank you for writing an actual article instead of just publishing a Q&A. It's so much more readable and makes a real story instead of disjoint group of things.

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Interview: Vernor Vinge

Posted Dec 10, 2008 19:23 UTC (Wed) by johnkarp (guest, #39285) [Link]

It didn't seem like an interview to me, in this format. An interview is traditionally a way to get views fairly directly from a source, but this article wraps so much interpretation around selective quotes that it almost seemed like words were being put in Vernor's mouth. I'd call it "Bruce Byfield reflects on his interview with Vernor Vinge."

Interview: Vernor Vinge

Posted Dec 10, 2008 21:40 UTC (Wed) by dberkholz (guest, #23346) [Link]

You're right, writing it as a story does raise another set of issues. Most of the transitions here seemed reasonable, although a couple were definitely on the speculative side, along the lines of "I can imagine him thinking..." etc.

One important point is that just because something lacks quotation marks doesn't mean Bruce made it up. Vinge could've said it; it can just mean that as spoken, it was hard to understand or hard to read.

The value of writing it this way is providing a cohesive story with context and interpretation by the writer, who is familiar with the audience. Conversations bounce around, even as interviews the answers ramble all over the place. Reorganizing it afterwards into topics makes a lot more sense.

I could go on and on about the value of the format, but just writing it as a story doesn't make it a perfect one.

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