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A look at free software in Ecuador

A look at free software in Ecuador

Posted Dec 8, 2008 10:02 UTC (Mon) by yodermk (subscriber, #3803)
Parent article: A look at free software in Ecuador

As one who has quite a few Ecuadorian stamps in my passport ...

I'd be interested in whether there are any reforms in the SRI (the Ecuadorian IRS). When I was working at the jungle hospital in Shell (late 2006), our accountant had to use Internet Explorer to report tax information to the government. Obviously lots of room for more openness there.

I guess these government reforms are a direct result of the election of Rafeal Correa as president (which happened shortly before I left). I was a bit nervous about a friend of Hugo Chavez taking office there, but he was probably better than the alternative.

I saw some Ecuadorian interest in Linux, but not on the scale described in the article. Looks like good things ahead!

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SRI and FOSS in Ecuador

Posted Dec 9, 2008 7:25 UTC (Tue) by mfioretti (guest, #55161) [Link]


during my talks with people in the subsecretariat nobody mentioned the SRI, though it may be one of those 45 central institutions which will share one FOSS-based document server, so my impression is that they have other priorities now.

This said, I was helped by attending a week-long event focused on FOSS, but I can confirm that I saw a lot of interest in FOSS at all levels (activists, educational institutions, government representatives) *beyond* the congress, so I fully agree that there are lots of good things ahead.

Thanks for your comment,


SRI and FOSS in Ecuador

Posted Dec 9, 2008 8:53 UTC (Tue) by yodermk (subscriber, #3803) [Link]

Speaking of education, I have a friend who was at the Universidad San Francisco de Quito. There, Macs were/are really big ... what most people (at least in the arts) use. At least it's not Windows. I wonder if students there are starting to get the "Linux bug".

Can't wait for my next trip to Ecuador, though it is not planned at the moment. :(

SRI and FOSS in Ecuador

Posted Dec 9, 2008 14:42 UTC (Tue) by rafael-ec (guest, #55498) [Link]

Actually you still have to use a windows client to report taxes here in Ecuador. Any way i know people from SRI who wants to migrate the system to java so it would be multiplataform and hopefully make it free.

The good thing about the way you report taxes is that there is an open format made with xml so in theory anyone could make and application for this and make it free software. This hasn't happend yet.

Anyway there are a lot of things goin on in Ecuador in favor of free software and that is thanks to free software activists in our community.

Best Regards,

Rafael Bonifaz

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