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A look at free software in Ecuador

A look at free software in Ecuador

Posted Dec 4, 2008 22:00 UTC (Thu) by jpetso (subscriber, #36230)
Parent article: A look at free software in Ecuador

Writing Melenti "gadgets", that is plugins, should also be easier than with Joomla, Drupal, Php-nuke and similar products. This because, says Adrian, "unlike those products, Java has worldwide standards like Spring, JPA, JSF, GWT and so on: new developers can just take a look at the core Melenti API and start writing their own gadgets in no time."

Er, cool. Like, instead of having to know just the Melenti API, I need to know the Melenti API plus all of those other dinosaurs, plus how they interact with the CMS. Looks like that will make plugin development *really* easy.

But I guess there's still room for a CMS aimed at enterprise integration. Just the "personal web pages" aim sounds a bit unrealistic. (Java on shared hosts, anyone? As competitor against Drupal and Joomla? Er, sure.)

Most of the stuff mentioned in the article is pretty cool, though.

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Usage of Melenti

Posted Dec 9, 2008 7:14 UTC (Tue) by mfioretti (guest, #55161) [Link]


even *my* own personal impression of what Adrian told me is that Melenti will be more useful in complex environments than for shared hosting of personal pages. However, I've asked Adrian to answer directly as soon as the article goes public, so stay tuned for more info.

Thanks for your interest in the article!


A look at free software in Ecuador

Posted Dec 9, 2008 12:51 UTC (Tue) by melenti (guest, #55494) [Link]

Hello jpetso,

The thing with JAVA is that is in principle ALL STANDARD all over the world, and we will be using standard architecture and JAVA SCRIPTING LANGUAGE like Groovy to make the GADGETS to work simply and make development a lot easier for JAVA DEVELOPERS. Im nos saying COMMON people will write gadgets, as the same happens in Joomla, only experienced PHP developers undesrtand Joomla so I dont think this will be aproblem for developers.

I have used Joomla for 5 years now we know it and we support it. But when we put it in a web site called the social security portal of our country simply could handle massive transactions. We used in that time DOT CMS and we had not even the slightest problem.

We will be releasing a Working Alpha version this January and I invite you to try it and make comments about it !!!

Thanks a lot for your interest and comments. Bye

Adrian Cadena
Melenti CMS

A look at free software in...

Posted Dec 12, 2008 13:53 UTC (Fri) by gvy (guest, #11981) [Link]

I'll prefer TYPO3 -- stable for years, GPL right from the start, and being real enterprise-class by now.

Just in case, on mailing lists writing in ALL CAPS is usually treated like being blonde, sort of. People whose software I tend to use generally tend to avoid that; it's not the tools that make product, it's the people.

A look at free software in...

Posted Dec 17, 2008 19:13 UTC (Wed) by melenti (guest, #55494) [Link]

Its PHP as far AS I can see there are good CMS there , I will try to check that too so maybe it has many good ideas for Melenti Thanks!!

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