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journal, a.k.a. "context browser"

journal, a.k.a. "context browser"

Posted Nov 27, 2008 6:23 UTC (Thu) by humsuploh (guest, #55344)
In reply to: journal, a.k.a. "context browser" by roelofs
Parent article: Directions for GNOME 3.0

If not a workflow approach based solely on either the journal or tagging alone, why not one that combines both journal, tagging along with a revision control system? Like the task/functionality-based scheme to panel design as is embraced by Mayanna. Also while this has nothing to do with GNOME and more a kernel and specifically filesystem issue, isn't it high time that we have option of filesystem rollbacks like Solaris's ZFS offers? Think of the benefits people.

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journal, a.k.a. "context browser"

Posted Dec 7, 2008 1:29 UTC (Sun) by seilo (guest, #55462) [Link]

Check out Gnome Zeitgeist
It's still a prototype based on Mayanna/Gimmie try it out you might like it!

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