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Observations on power management

Matthew Garrett has posted some thoughts on power management. In many cases, the proper power management choices are counter-intuitive, so a collection of "best practices" is welcome. "The hardware used to display a static image on the screen is the same regardless of whether the image was generated with the graphics card's 2D or 3D hardware. Regardless of the number of graphical effects used on the desktop, the common case is for the desktop to be static. Composited and traditional desktops will generally consume the same amount of power."

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Robotic arm runs Linux (LinuxDevices)

LinuxDevices covers the Katana Robotic Arm. "Zurich, Switzerland-based Neuronics has released an open-source embedded Linux version of its "Katana" robot." The Katana Robotic Arm runs Linux with Xenomai hard real time extensions on a Freescale MPC5200-based control board, and is aimed at industry, production, and research applications, says the company."

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The SCO Problem

Final Judgment in SCO v. Novell: SCO Loses Again (Groklaw)

Groklaw reports on the final judgment in SCO vs. Novell. "The final judgment from Utah is here at last. It recites what the August 10, 2007 and July 16, 2008 orders said, but it also resolves the recent dispute over SCO's desire to voluntarily waive some claims and then bring them back to the table after an appeal, should it prove successful. Here's SCO's motion to voluntarily dismiss, and Novell's response, so you can verify that this judgment indeed represents another loss for SCO. You'll see that it was Novell that suggested the wording regarding SCO's voluntarily dismissed claims that we see in the judgment, that they be dismissed "without the possibility of renewal following appeal.""

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SCO Files Notice of Appeal in Novell Litigation (Groklaw)

Just in case you thought the SCO story was over: Groklaw looks at the SCO Group's appeal in the Novell case. "This is likely pointing to SCO's main issue, judging from media statements and court filings, that it wanted a jury trial and felt the court made an error hearing the case in Utah before a judge only." It looks like they may be around for a little while yet.

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Novell, Microsoft ready management pack for SUSE Linux (TechTarget)

TechTarget reports on plans for the release of the System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) by Microsoft and Novell. "Microsoft and Novell Inc. said the two-year-old collaboration to better manage Windows and SUSE Linux will produce its first fruit in the first half of 2009. Novell will make available the Advanced Management Pack for SUSE Linux Enterprise for Microsoft System Center Operations Manager 2007 R2 in the first half of 2009 to coincide with the release of Operations Manager 2007 R2. Novell has not yet set a price. The management pack will supplement the monitoring assessment and deployment features in Operations Manager and let managers view information using one console, said Sanjay Sidhu, director of marketing and business development at Microsoft."

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Mandrake Linux Founder Back, Virtually ( talks to Gael Duval about the Ulteo enterprise Open Virtual Desktop Solution. "Whatever happened to the founder of Mandrake Linux? He's back on the scene with a new open source startup and looking to break some ground with its first offering called a Virtual Desktop solution. Ulteo's new enterprise Open Virtual Desktop Solution is an attempt to break into the broader virtualization and remote desktop space. It's a market that is fiercely competitive with Citrix, VMware and Red Hat's Qumranet all angling for a piece of the market."

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Interview with Jokosher maintainer Laszlo Pandy ( interviews Laszlo Pandy, one of the Jokosher developers. Some of the history as well as plans for the future of Jokosher are discussed. "Laszlo: Our main goal is to allow users who are new to audio production produce a simple podcast or musical track. This audience might be GNOME users who want a program that integrates will with their desktop, or users coming from other platforms who need to mix audio but don't require many of the advanced features that a program such as Ardour provides."

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Carrier Grade Linux 4.0 - Raising the bar (Electronics Weekly)

Here's a look at the history and current state of Carrier Grade Linux in Electronics Weekly. "The new CGL 4.0 specification also includes useful information and resources for developers. The specific tools and APIs needed for CGL distributions are specified, and proofs of concepts (PoCs) are provided, along with reference code. The PoCs play a critical role, because they refer to existing open-source projects that can be used to implement the CGL requirement. All requirements in the specification must have an associated PoC."

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GCC hacks in the Linux kernel (developerWorks)

IBM developerWorks looks at several special capabilities of the GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) suite built into the Linux kernel. "GCC and Linux are a great pair. Although they are independent pieces of software, Linux is totally dependent on GCC to enable it on new architectures. Linux further exploits features in GCC, called extensions, for greater functionality and optimization. This article explores many of these important extensions and shows you how they're used within the Linux kernel."

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Linux Guru Reiser Seeks New Murder Trial (Wired)

Wired covers the latest twist in the Hans Reiser murder trial. "Hans Reiser wants a trial do-over. Reiser is the Linux guru who in April was convicted of the first-degree murder of his estranged wife. He's the same defendant who, in exchange for a 15-to-life term instead of a 25-to-life term, brought authorities to the Oakland hills where he buried Nina Reiser's body. He even apologized for killing her. But in a handwritten appellate motion, he is appealing his conviction. Yet there's a glaring problem with this appeal, in which he claims he thought the deal would have only sent him away for three years, not 15-to-life."

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